it’s like your fitness tracker…

but with serious gains

The development of advanced technologies have allowed us to apply and calculate complex scientific metrics faster and more accurately than ever before. The implementation of these technologies in sports offers a multitude of benefits to players, coaching/training staff, and management.


our technology-based testing gives you…

greater insight

With the right tools, it’s possible to gain valuable insight into what’s happening in the gym, and during game time.

built-in scoring system

Our customized scoring system is designed to create consistency across all testing methods in a way that’s easy to use and understand.  

Real-time results

Because who wants to wait? All our tech is synced and streamed into a single cloud-based system for scoring that’s faster than ever before. 


let’s talk technology…

At The Park, we understand the importance of providing the truest and most comprehensive data there is. We strive to stay ahead of the competition and continually choose to partner with innovative brands, and work with cutting edge technologies. For more information on the products we use, email us at