let’s talk technology…

At The Park, we understand the importance of providing the truest and most comprehensive data there is. We strive to stay ahead of the competition and continually choose to partner with innovative brands, and work with cutting edge technologies. For more information on the products we use, email us at


GymAware is the gold standard Linear Positional Transducer (LPT with angle measurement) for measuring performance, implementing Velocity Based Training and monitoring power.


The world’s first and only wireless forceplates. Built for purpose and built to last. Portable and battery powered for up to 10 hours of continuous remote testing – Hawkin Dynamics is the future of athlete monitoring.


1080 Sprint is a portable resistance training and testing device for sprints, skating, swimming and change of direction movements. It uses intelligent variable resistance technology to provide a very smooth and controllable resistance. It measures power, force, speed and acceleration with high accuracy.


Shows at a glance who’s training hard, who’s training too hard and who could train harder. Who can handle stress. And who’s ready to perform at their peak.


Kinduct’s industry leading athlete intelligence and management system enables you to turn data in actionable insights. Our platform ingests and houses all collected performance data and empowers users to make more informed decisions, take decisive action and produce measurable results.


iSen is a powerful hardware & software solution for capturing objective 3D motion data. Using between 1 and 17 sensors, clinicians, coaches, trainers, and researchers can capture accurate 3D motion data in real-time.