Motion capture is the visual breakdown of a body’s movements. This kind of assessment is traditionally carried out in a laboratory using high speed cameras (slow motion playback capabilities) and other technologies like force plates and electromyography to generate kinetics and biomechanics data which is then analyzed.


The software we use is an inertial sensor system for the functional evaluation of kinematics involved in athletic movements. Specially designed for athletes aiming at monitoring and improving their performances, this technology provides immediate results in the form of biomechanical curves, real-time 3D views and reports.

To draw an even clearer picture of what the body is doing, we combine this technology with high-speed, high-definition video and can pinpoint precisely what it is you are looking at. For gait analysis, we can also sync this system with our force plate testing.


  • Using wireless sensors means we can successfully monitor a greater range of motion than in small laboratory settings
  • Portable systems means we can come to you and offer real-time assessments in realistic training scenarios
  • High-speed video can be synced and played back alongside 3D skeletal rendering for easy reference