The Lactate Threshold (LT) is the intensity of exercise where lactate accumulates in the muscles and then “leaks” into the bloodstream. LT testing determines a definitive anchor point for athletic training by providing a heart rate range where the body can maintain the highest level of exertion for the longest period of time. These results can be used to maximize training programs by pinpointing the heart rate range needed for ultimate endurance.


The LT testing consists of a series of physical tests (i.e. running on a treadmill), starting with low intensity and gradually increasing intensity. Traditionally carried out through wearing a heart rate monitor and administering blood samples to test the lactate concentration at each new level of intensity, the results are used to determine the exact heart rate at which the lactate concentration threshold level was achieved.

What we do is a bit different and provides a truer result. Using a heart rate monitor wrist band and a wearable lactate threshold sensor, we can accurately determine the exact LT in virtually any setting. The results are instantly synced and calculated so you can track your performance as it’s happening.


  • Wearable devices provide can be used in virtually any setting
  • Gain new insight on what your muscles are doing
  • New technology generates personalized training zones