Power metrics are essentially the measure (in Watts) of energy exerted during a workout. A person can assess how much energy/work it takes to perform a task and thereby determine whether they have over exerted themselves, or if they could be pushing themselves harder.


Velocity measures the speed of movement. Similar to measuring power output, measuring the speed of movement trainers and coaches can accurately determine strength and power-endurance and make informed decisions on the spot.


We use different methods to track Power and Velocity in athletes. The most thorough and accurate reading is provided by a force plate which involves carrying out movements and exercises directly on the plate which then generates a data report. Read more about force plates here.

Another method we use to monitor power and velocity metrics is with the PUSH band. This is a wearable device that gives instant feedback regarding your physical limitations during a workout. The device signals athletes when they’ve reached their physical limits and offers the ability to set goals and track progress. This is a great tool for tracking your day-to-day workouts, but should be measured against force plate readings every few weeks for best results. Contact us for more information regarding PUSH bands.