We’ve paired up with LTS out of Oakville, Ontario, to create a one-of-a-kind athletic training facility that combines elite athletic training with the latest in sports science technologies. Check out the LTS website for more info on these cutting edge athletic programs.


Let us come to you! It’s important to see how your body is performing both in a gym setting and in a game scenario. We have a number of non-invasive testing procedures that can be utilized in arenas, outdoor parks, domes, and on the road. We do combines, team testing during practices and games, try-outs, and pop-up labs at training facilities. Ask us about our customized packages.


For clubs looking to integrate a quality sports science platform into their training program, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Our professional and semi-professional teams benefit from our experience and expertise in choosing the right products to help them meet their goals as well as managing the testing programs for them. We also offer game tracking and analytics.