Youth Team Sports Testing


Winter mini evaluation sessions running November 1st, 2023 to February 1st, 2024. $299.99 plus HST per team, up to 20 players. Evaluate player strength, speed, and agility. Coach report included. Individual player reports cards available for additional cost.

*This offer is only available to youth sports teams within Durham Region.

3 Ways with sports technology


Our team can test up to 500 athletes per day with greater speed and accuracy than stop watches and measuring tape.


Incorporating The Park’s testing into your programming offers coaches and athletes greater insight into their abilities.


Already have tech, but want to get more out of it? The Park can connect with your existing systems to provide monthly reports based on the data you are already collecting. 

Meet Ryan

Ryan Smyth is a Sports Technologist who’s penchant for collecting tech gadgets is only surpassed by his passion for sports. After years of working behind the scenes at TSN, Ryan decided to put his hobby and passion to work for him and set out on his own to build one of Canada’s first athlete testing companies. 
10 years, 100+ combines, and 25,585 athletes later… Ryan continues to bring his love and enthusiasm for sports and technology into everything thing he does.

Let’s Connect

Now booking on-site testing across Canada and the United States where permitted and in compliance with current local COVID-19 guidelines. For more information on how to incorporate technology based assessments into your programming, call Ryan at 416-220-0718.