Combine Testing

Combine Testing for Draft Picks

For athletes who wanted to show of their talent at a major league combine, but missed out, this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills. We use the same testing and equipment as the major league drafts and send you off with a digital report card highlighting your peak performance scores.

Host Your Own Combine

Take your tournament or team tryouts to the next level by hosting a combine! We take care of all the testing and provide leaderboards with player rankings post. For additional fees, you can add individual player report cards with global rankings and Z-Scores!

How Do We Stack Up?

We pride ourselves on offering the best combine experience which to us means making the setup and testing process smooth and efficient, and ensuring the data and reporting are useful. This means using the best technology and working with the best coaches to develop to hit it out of the park every time.

The Park Combines The Other Guys
Testing Time per group of 20 15 minutes 1 hour
RFID Bands
Athlete Reporting
Speed Testing with Timing Gates ✔ Dual Gate System ✔ Single Gate System
Speed Testing with 1080 Sprint
Linear Jumps with 1080 Sprint
Vertical Jumps with Force Plates
Med Ball Toss with Ballistic Ball
Strength Testing with GymAware
Programming suggestions based on results

Interested in hosting a combine? Let us know!